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The People Kit is a Norfolk-based group of people from different professions, who can support your business on a one-off or ongoing basis.

You might need one or two of us, or you might need a few of us.

You’ve probably already built some good relationships with external suppliers and consultants. But sometimes you might need a little backup or a second opinion – and that’s where The People Kit can come in handy.

The People Kit naturally evolved because some of us work alongside each other for a number of clients, and we’ve used each other’s skills and expertise to add value to our own businesses and projects.

We decided to make this unique working relationship official, which led us to create The People Kit.

Who’s in
The People Kit?

The People Kit's skills include HR, recruitment, apprenticeships, employment law, engineering, occupational health, business consultancy, financial advice, health and safety, print solutions, copywriting, and web design & development.

Why use
The People Kit?

You can use The People Kit for all kinds of things. From a second opinion on an HR or legal matter, to revamping your marketing, or simply increasing your production – we can help.

How does
The People Kit work?

The People Kit can work together or separately, for continued support or a one-off project, depending on the needs and demands of your business.

If one of us strikes up a good relationship with a client, we know they’ll be in safe hands with other members of The People Kit too. We know each other, we trust each other, and we can wholeheartedly recommend each other.

Our values

Many of us in The People Kit have our own small businesses and know how important it is to work with people we trust. That’s what The People Kit is all about, and we work by the following values:


Establishing a relationship of trust with our clients and each other. Knowing we can confidently recommend each other’s services to our clients.


Being honest and honourable in all of our business. Always doing what we say we will do, and taking responsibility for our work and our actions.


Always acting professionally, yet bringing personality to each project. Using our skills and expertise to your best advantage.


Working as a team to help you achieve your business goals. For example our HR consultant can work with our recruiters to help solve a staffing issue, or our designers can team up with our copywriter to help you with your marketing.


If you know what service you’re looking for, the best way to get in touch is to contact the relevant member of The People Kit directly.

Here’s how:


Select  ‘Find a Specialism’ at the top of the page.


Choose from the dropdown menu the specialist area that best fits what you need.


Once you’re on that person’s page, click on their contact button (or scroll down the page) to fill in the contact form.

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If you’re not sure whose skills you need, or you want to find out more about The People Kit, please email