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There is nothing more valuable than having the sort of relationship with your precious clients than one where they completely trust you and therefore any referrals you pass on to them. I started The People Kit for just that reason. I want to be completely comfortable that anyone I refer to my clients gives 100% and provides the professional expertise I have promised they will.

In The People Kit, we have that complete trust in one another. I’m very proud to say I am part of such a professional, reliable and trustworthy group of individuals and businesses. Every one of us holds those clear values which are then passed on to our clients to help and support their business.

Nelsons Journey

We raised over £5k at our Great British Food Quiz in support of Nelson Journey

The working world revolves around relationship building. When I initially had the idea of forming the People Kit my thoughts were around who I would like to share my idea with. Naturally, I turned to those whom I had built a solid working relationship with over the years. However, those trusted individuals had to offer the area of expertise that all businesses need to, not only function day-to-day, but to develop and grow. The expertise The People Kit holds within our group has just that. A business can call on us for all the essentials.

The People Kit

Networking at the Chamber of Commerce B2B exhibition


As members of The People Kit we are firm believers in one size definitely does not fit all. Whichever member or members of our group you use, will look at your project with an open mind and give our advice based on having endeavored to gain a clear understanding of your business, how it operates and the issues and challenges you face (both good and bad) day-to-day. We all work very much, as I said earlier in this piece, on building solid relationships with our clients.

Finally, just as a reminder. You may need one or two of us or you may need a few of us. We. I am proud to say, are The People Kit.

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Mary McGivern

Mary is a co-founder of The People Kit and Owner at McGivern HR consultancy. With over 30 years of experience in HR, if she doesn't know the answer to your HR issue, it's probably not worth knowing!